Bet on the Stock Market price movements with Stocks.Bet!

Long-term and short-term betting are the main areas to create our projects.

In connection with the unstable course of ETH, we plan to change start dates of tokens public sale.
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Our products

All our products are about Betting on Stock Market with Blockchain.
Here are two test applications where you can see the main functionality of long-term and short-term betting.

Betting DAPP

  • Based on Ethereum Smart Contract
  • Best DAPP for Long-term betting
  • Limited number of stocks
Try it in Eth Test Network
New prototype

Betting APP

  • High liquidity of the market
  • Best APP for Short-term betting
  • Unlimited number of stocks
  • Permanent counterparty
  • Real time data
Try it with IExTrading data

Source code Repository with projects

All our apps development you can track on the Github.

How It Works

Description of applications functionality.

For the first step you need to know what is Parimutuel betting and what is Spread betting.

The next step is to explain why we are creating two products. Our fist idea was to create Parimutuel Betting DAPP based on Blockchain contract with all business logic in this contract. It is Decentralized application with maximum security. And after announcement this product we get feedback what it does not have enough dynamics. In order to provide dynamics to our users we create completely new product - prototype of Spread Betting App. This prototype demonstrates how to make bets on the best Bid/Ask in Orders Book.

Let us now turn to the products functionality:

Parimutuel Betting DAPP

All calculations in ETH and STBT tokens.

For beta version there is three companies' stocks:

  • Microsoft (MSFT),
  • Google (GOOG),
  • Apple (AAPL).

Bettors can place bet on the listed stocks they believe that will turn higher on the start of market in view of other stocks in the rally moment. To place the bet and claimed the reward bettors need to use Metamask plugin for Chrome / Firefox / Opera / Brave.

All operations are completely secured by the Blockchain contract. There is no one has control over the bettors' investments or process of stocks' rally.

This contract allows you to place bet on the price of NASDAQ listed stocks and win from bettors who not so smart as you.

This contract can control the funds, calculate the change of stocks with market close price and market open price plus one minute. Contract prepare reward for the winning bettors. The prices of stocks come from as a main API, and Stocks.Bet API as alternative. The price set with at the beginning (16:30 NY) and end of the bet period (10:00 NY).

Spread Betting APP

All calculations in STBT tokens.

In the prototype we use top 200 liquid stocks of companies with listing on NASDAQ Exchange.

Let's look at the few example:

Going Long

The Microsoft Corporation Stocks with symbol MSFT are trading at a buy price of 94.60 and a sell price of 94.65. You believe that the price of MSFT will rise, so you decide to go long on MSFT and set a bet of 10 STBT to the movement at 94.65.

The market proceeds to move in your favour and the sell price of MSFT rises to 94.65, so you decide to close your trade.

Your profit would be 10 STBT.

Going Short

Advanced Micro Devices Inc Stocks with symbol AMD are trading at a sell price of 11.47 and a buy price of 11.40. You anticipate that the price of AMD stocks will decrease, so you decide to go short and set a bet of 10 STBT to movement at 11.40.

On this occasion, the market moves against you and the buy price for AMD stocks rises to 11.47, so you close your trade.

In this situation, your loss would be 10 STBT.

Bet on Stocks price

You know that some Stocks going up. Bet on it!

Win cryptocurrency

All operations in ETH and STBT Tokens.

Trustless consensus

Don't need registration, All transaction persists in Blockchain.

Holding STBT tokens

Get dividend payouts in ETH by holding STBT tokens.


We have already done it
DEC 2017

Create Smart Contract (completed)

You can follow the update process here: StocksBetting.sol.

2017- Feb 2018

Create beta Parimutuel Betting DAPP (completed)

Try it in Ropsten Testnet Stocks.Betting DApp. It based on Blockchain contract with all business logic in this contract. It is Decentralized application with maximum security.

Mar 2018

Create prototype of Spread Betting APP (completed)

Try it with IExTrading data Stocks.Betting App. This prototype demonstrates how to make bets on the best Bid/Ask in Orders Book.

We are doing now
Q1-Q2 2018

Attraction of investments

Crowdsale process and Bounty program.

Q2 2018

UI and Functionality enhancements

Add new features to the long-term and short-term betting applications. Code audit.

Our plans
Q1 2018 - Q4 2018

Listing on Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Q3 2018

Publicate the contract with daily bets to MainNet and create dividends contract

A huge part of the work has already been done on the beta version.
This gives an advantage to localizing the last blocks of production in MainNet.

Q3 2018

Contracts with more stocks and bet types

We would like add contract Guess the price of Stocks and values of World Stock Market Indices.

Q4 2018

Voting portal

We plan to determinate features of betting and rules on this portal.

Q4 2018

Mobile application with aggregation of DAPP and APP functionality

Follow our updates

Choose STBT Token to be holder

Dividend payouts

STBT token holders get fixed income in ETH. It's 5% from all bettings.

Discounted and features

You can place the bet with STBT token. It allows you to have some discount unlock different features.


Your voting is the best thing to fix features of betting and rules.

STBT Token

We are applied for listing on the IDEX Exchange.

STBT Token on Etherscan
Total supply
125,000,000 STBT
• Crowdsale
100,000,000 STBT
6,250,000 STBT
• Founders Token
18,750,000 STBT

Crowdsale Date

Phase-1 whitelisted sale
March 25 - March 26, 2018, 8:00 GMT
1 ETH = 25,000 STBT
Phase-1 public sale
1 ETH = 25,000 STBT
Phase-2 public sale
1 ETH = from 18,750 to 12,500 STBT